Techsource Solutions,LLC. aims to provide management and hands-on consulting and training services to  faciities and maintenance managers and technical personnel in the regulated manufacturing environment.

Dane A. Traver

Dane A.Traver has been in both maintenance and operations management for over 35 years. He has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries, as well as in the computer software and hardware, and publishing arenas. Dane’s career path has given him both the hands-on perspective and the management perspective in small and large companies. This site is a direct result of his drive to think outside the established boundaries and to break from the “black box” perspective–of how maintenance programs have too often been viewed. His experience has shown him that management often views maintenance as a little-understood, unmeasurable component of the typical manufacturing organization. On this site, Dane aims to remedy that view by giving maintenance managers the tools to understand, define, and communicate the real value of a well-tuned maintenance organization.

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Mark Smallwood

Mark Smallwood has been a project manager, writer, trainer, software developer, QA engineer, course developer, and people manager for more than 35 years. His work experience includes stints in light manufacturing and technology. As a young man, Mark worked as a machinist for small companies in Southern California, including Disc Instruments. However, Mark spent the majority of his career in the computer software and hardware industry, mainly in Silicon Valley. Some of the companies Mark has worked for and consulted with include Oracle, Unisys, Intuit, Borland, Yahoo!, Embarcadero Technologies, and Juniper Networks. Mark has managed or been a team member on many projects, from small, departmental training projects to global, corporate-wide transformation projects, Mark’s consulting work led him to found a multimedia production company, HyperGlyph LLC, which was acquired in 1995 by software company Embarcadero Technologies, where he served as VP of Business Development. Mark is also the co-author of the technical guidebook “Day One: Configuring SRX Series with J-Web,” available on Amazon.

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